Rotten Shape

The Rotten Shape may take many forms as it slithers forth in the dimmest of light, but always aims to fill the cracks in the crumbling cavern walls with high quality cassettes never less than 90 minutes long in an edition of 300 only (pro-duplicated from original uncompressed master files to chrome plus tape)!


RS01 Cave Evil Radio Mix — 8$
Dungeon soundtracks from KVVL radio for Cave Evil creeping and killing. GVR: 2*

RS02 Khand — The Fires Of Celestial Ardour, Interstellar Dominions, bonus tracks — 8$
Full album, EP and 3 bonus tracks as a key to the darkest farthest realms. GVR: 2*

RS03 Into Oblivion - Creation Of A Monolith - CS94 — 8$
Full 6 song 94min album. Relentless visceral Death Metal trance states. A gem of progressive death re-released on cassette. GVR: 6.66, digital version @


  • Cave Evil Radio Mix vol.2
  • Collected Todeskammer vol. I
  • Abandoned Places discography set
  • Cave Evil Radio Mix vol.3
  • and more ...

GVR: Game voice rating= on a scale of 1-5 how difficult is it to speak over this music in a gaming setting ? 5 is most difficult. (of course different gaming groups will have different gvr's)