Rules Questions

How many abominations can you stack within a squad? How many Necromancers does it take to ... — For now we are finding that the BoardGameGeek forum for Cave Evil seems to be a good starting point for rule related questions.

So if you need to know what happens 'when attacking a squad containing a single Maw of Transcendence' etc, check out the forum for answers as well as some great reviews of the game.

As of Fall 2014, we have revised our rulebook for the reprint version of Cave Evil. A new PDF can be downloaded here. (For slow connections, here is a reduced size PDF). Note that the new rule set no longer came with the QuickStart guide. A PDF of that can be downloaded here.

We are collecting the most confusing rule related questions and will answer them here as well at some point. For immediate answers, either check out the forum mentioned above or contact us at