2013 Trailer by Damon Packard
I. Cave Evil, a game of brutal necro-demonic dungeon warfare.
II. Your role as a demented Necromancer is to wage strategic warfare against the other players in preparation for the endgame.
III. The 343+ cards provide endless combinations of minions, items and spells, needless to mention a barrage of chaotic events.
IV. The close to 50 dungeon tiles allow for deep excavation and destruction of an intricate matrix of tunnels and chambers.
V. New in the 2013 reprint! Plastic stands and die-cut squad markers, endgame creatures and protectors.
Necro-Demonic Dungeon-Brawl boardgame
— 2-4 players, 1-4 hours

Add to Cart – $90 USD
  • 340+ cards of unique art (no duplicates)!
  • Over 120 unique creatures, more than 50 items and spells and tons of dungeon events!
  • 48 dungeon tiles for Endless Corridor Combinations
  • 2 Combat Dice, 1 Spawn Die
  • Rule book with tons of illustrations
  • 1 Endgame Blood-eye marker
  • 24 Necromancer Squad Control Marker sets (for 4 players, controlling up to 17 or more sinister minions)
  • 5 Endgame Event Horizons
  • Fold out map of the corroded, festering space of the unexplored Necropolis
  • 100% Made in the USA!
  • New in the 2013 reprint!
  • — Die cut squad markers with stands for player squads, protectors and end game characters
  • — Player Aid cards and Quickstart rules
  • — Updated rulebook
  • — Map printed on textured paper

  • "It’s like some long lost fantasy game from 1982, and I think that was exactly the design goal. There’s more Gary Gygax in its creatures and concepts than Tolkien, and I really appreciate that."
    — Michael Barnes, of Fortress, giving Cave Evil a go.
  • "Cave Evil is a small-run indie board game that looks like it was co-designed in 1983 by Gary Gygax, the band Hellhammer, and that kid from your high school who had to spend a year at the mental health clinic. It's the kind of game that might result if Titan and Wiz-War had gotten together for an awesome session of 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Wiz-War insisted on playing a highly unusual Magic-User/Assassin character, and Titan agreed to it as long as his friend Baal could be the Dungeon Master. (Titan played a Fighter/Magic-User/Thief.) They needed another couple players, so Titan called his new friend Dreamblade and Wiz-War brought along his big brother Cosmic Encounter."
    Joshua Miller, #6 in 2011 Spiel des Josh list
  • "Once the game gets going I realized that it feels just like entering a Mat Brinkman comic. You get to be a demonic Necromancer stalking the caverns and catacombs of much darker Multiforce, with endless possibilities and hundreds of characters to encounter."
    — Jason Leivian on Cave Evil in The Comic Journal
  • "Elaborate I don't mind. Generic fantasy is starting to bug me a little but there is no marketing risk involved so I can't blame them. That's one of the refreshing things about Cave Evil is that it turds on the same 'ol fluffy fairie fantasy. I like that stuff fine, but FUCK."
    — The inimitable 'Hex Sinister' in Cave Evil or Mage Knight, also has his own review up at Fortressat.com
  • "While the game's thematic tightness is appealing, it would be essentially meaningless to me without an effective mechanical structure underneath the hood, and luckily Cave Evil delivers."
    — Jesse James Dean on 2D6.org: Cave Evil Review (A Deeply Rewarding Experience)